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Perrys Chartered Accountants assist clients with a comprehensive Trust Planning service from our seven branches across London and Kent. Along with our Inheritance Tax Planning services, our knowledge and experience in the planning and administration of Trusts mean our clients can be assured of a fully compliant and effective Trust Planning service for their assets.

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Trust Planning Specialists

There are several different types of Trust that can be set up in order to bequeath an asset. This is why it is important to choose the correct Trust for your needs.

Perrys Chartered Accountants are experts in Trust Planning. We are able to advise on the most appropriate Trust for your wishes, and can combine Trust Planning with our Inheritance Tax Planning and Probate services.

Drop us a line today to make an appointment for an initial, free, no-obligation consultation. We will be happy to chat you through your options and advise you on the best way to proceed with setting up a Trust.

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Trusts Explained

Setting up a Trust can provide you with a tax efficient and safe way to pass on your assets, such as property, money or investments, to your chosen Beneficiaries. Their purpose is to ensure that the asset passes to the Beneficiaries, rather than being sold or dissolved to pay Inheritance Tax or other liabilities on the estate.

The creator of a Trust, known as the Settlor, chooses the Beneficiaries (i.e. those who will benefit from the Trust) and states when and how the gifted assets or benefits can be received. The Trustee is the person (or people) who are chosen by the Settlor to administer the Trust. They are the legal owners of the assets in the Trust until they are passed to the Beneficiaries; this is one of the reasons that it is preferable to appoint at least two Trustees.

How do I set up a Trust?

You can set up a Trust at any time. Often they are written into your Will. When part of a Will, the Trustee is usually also the Executor of the Will, though another can be chosen as you wish.

When setting up a Trust, you can choose assets to be distributed in a number of ways, including:

  • Beneficiaries inherit as soon as you die
  • Once they reach a certain age
  • Assets held in Trust with an income paid to beneficiaries at set intervals

A Trust can generally be tailored to your individual needs. You can ask one of our Trust Planning specialists to help you with the right solution for you. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

How can Trusts be used to reduce Inheritance Tax?

When assets are passed into a Trust, they become the property of the Trustee and you are no longer the owner. As such, provided the trust is drafted correctly, they may fall outside your estate, and are not subject to Inheritance Tax upon your death. Trusts can also assist with the payment of an Inheritance Tax bill, by setting up a specific form of life insurance policy which then covers the amount to be paid in Inheritance Tax.

Common Types of Trusts

  • Absolute or Bare Trusts
  • Interest in Possession Trusts
  • Loan Trusts
  • Life Interest Will Trusts
  • Discounted Gift Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts

Perrys Chartered Accountants:
Trust Planning Specialists in London and Kent

As specialists in Trust Planning, Perrys Chartered Accountants have the expert knowledge and experience required to put into place legally compliant, airtight Trusts for your Beneficiaries, while minimising your Inheritance Tax liability. Our Inheritance Tax Planning, Probate and Trust Planning services complement one another for a comprehensive solution to ensure your wishes are fulfilled once you pass.

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