Company Secretary Duties


As a busy business owner, it makes sense to free-up your time and resources by outsourcing your Company Secretarial duties to a trusted chartered accountant who will ensure that you are fully compliant with ever-changing legislation.

At Perrys Chartered Accountants we undertake fixed-fee statutory Company Secretarial work for over 850 limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships, maintaining all statutory books and records on a sophisticated computer-based system. All routine work like changes in directors and shareholders and the preparation of annual returns is linked with the system so that when the necessary documentation is prepared the statutory records are automatically updated. We also offer regular monitoring of deadlines for the submission of documentation for the timely return of paperwork.

Offering exceptional service and value for money, Perrys is a 7 branch chartered accountant. Central London clients are served by our City branch, and West London clients benefit from our Mayfair branch. We also offer services from our Kent offices in Medway, Orpington, Tunbridge Wells, West Malling and Wrotham, however, our clients are not restricted to these locations and we carry out Company Secretarial duties for clients who are based all over the UK and abroad.

In addition to our routine Company Secretarial work, we take a proactive approach to becoming familiar with our clients' businesses. We offer money-saving tax planning work which is facilitated by changing share structures on limited companies and creating safeguards by personalising the structure of a company and its memorandum and articles of association. 

If you're looking for Company Secretarial support please call  01732 870032 for a free and informal meeting with your nearest Perrys accountant, central London or Kent.