Refund Policy For Company Secretarial And Bank Letter Payments

Fees and Payment Terms

Fees for Company Secretarial and Bank Letters are payable in advance by the client. The amounts payable can be found on our website and are in UK pounds sterling.  Perrys reserves the right to vary these from time to time according to changes by the Government or the Banks.


If a fee is not paid, then we will be under no obligation to provide the services associated with these fees.  If a fee is recalled by your Bank and/or Card provider following the provision of the work, then we reserve the right to take further action to recover the same.


Clients may cancel the transaction up to Perrys completing the provision of the work. Please be aware that given the nature of the work it is not uncommon for this to be done quite promptly.  Therefore, we would strongly recommend that you ensure that the work is required and that you wish to pay for the work prior to instructing Perrys.

To cancel the transaction please call Perrys on 01732 870032 at the earliest opportunity.  If the work has not yet been completed, then Perrys will be able to offer a refund.

Refund Policy

Perrys aim to provide quality service to our clients and we want you to be completely satisfied with our work.  If you have any issues then please let us know by telephoning Mr S Hale, or any other director.

Where appropriate a refund can be requested from Perrys. The most common reasons are:-

  • Where the transaction is cancelled prior to the provision of the work in which case a full refund can be requested.
  • Where the payment has been made twice so we can refund the duplicate payment.

If you require a refund please either send an email request to: or contact the Head office on 01892 543900.

Please also note that the above Refund policy applies only in respect of our Company Secretarial and Bank letter payments.  Any other services are covered by the appropriate contract between you and Perrys.