2023 ICAEW Diversity Report


At Perrys, we have always been committed to equal opportunity. This means we employ the best member of staff for the job, regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, religious belief or sexuality and treat all staff, clients and suppliers fairly.


In our view, this promotes a strong, diverse and effective workforce able to service the needs of our clients.


We are licensed to carry out probate services by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). As part of our license, we are required to undertake a diversity survey every two years and publish a summary of the results.


The key findings from our most recent survey (March 2023) are as follows:

  1. We employ staff from a wide range of age groups. This is very evenly split across the different categories.
  2. We have a very even split of staff based on gender with 47% of staff identifying as male and 53% female.
  3. We employ staff with a number of different ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.
  4. Our staff have differing socio-economic backgrounds and consist of both graduates and A level students.

Gender Diversity Graph

Age diversity graph