A Year of Lockdown

A Year of Lockdown

It is hard to realise that it has now been a year since the first lockdown was announced in March 2020.

With all that has happened we needed to acknowledge the day and remember all those we have lost. Our condolences goes out to those who have lost loved ones. I doubt anyone would have envisaged that there would be a further two lockdowns to follow and also how much our lives would change over the next year.

As a firm of Accountants we were able to ‘pick up and move’ our desks to a safe space at our individual homes. Having the computer structure in place to allow this was vitally important.We learnt a lot during the last year about just how flexible we could be and how quickly important decisions could be made. Seeing our colleagues online rather than in person was odd at first but now is just another way to keep in touch and there are definitely aspects of online meetings that we will carry forward to our new post-lockdown future.

The amount of time saved by not travelling to meet when you are all in different locations is tremendous and of course allows you to do other things that you might not have had time to do.I am certain that everyone has also managed a much better home/work balance and I personally have loved my daily walks with our dogs. Now we all wait in anticipation to see how different things will be in the (hopefully) soon new after-lockdown life.

We look forward to moving forward on this journey with our clients and colleagues.