Accountancy in the cloud

The term ‘cloud computing’ is one that’s likely to strike fear into the heart of any  technophobe. Yet it’s really quite a straightforward concept, broadly referring to a computer program or application that’s accessed via the internet rather than confined to a specific device. For example, a photo that stays on your phone’s memory is not on the cloud, but the moment you share that picture to Facebook or Instagram, it is.
Here at Perrys Accountants, we’ve always been determined to embrace the latest computing technology. While we wouldn’t claim to be ‘first adopters’ (we like to ensure any new software is tried and tested before we entrust it with precious data), we always strive to work as efficiently as possible.
For this reason, we have adopted cloud-based accountancy packages and in turn we encourage our clients to use these online platforms where appropriate. It’s fair to say that in many cases, software packages provided by companies such as Xero and Sage have revolutionised the way we work together.

For example, clients are able to link the Xero platform to any of their company bank accounts or financial institutions, which means business transactions are automatically downloaded directly from an account or credit card for processing in Xero. No more manual typing into a traditional accounting set-up! And because the platform is cloud-based, clients can invite us in without the need to email us spreadsheets or other documents. 
Automated processes such as these really do make a huge difference to our clients’ working lives, freeing up their time to concentrate on the areas of business in which they excel.
Of course, not every client will be enthusiastic about the prospect of using accounting software. If this is the case, we can either offer training to get you up to speed, or work in the pre-cloud way to deliver the same exceptional results across a whole range of services, from tax planning and VAT to corporate finance advice and statutory audits.
If you’d like to chat to us about our accountancy services and the software platform that best suits your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free no-obligation meeting. We have seven branches across Kent and central London. Click here for the contact details of your nearest Perrys office. We look forward to meeting you in person – and in the cloud!