What to expect from your accountant?

I am writing this blog sitting outside one of the court rooms of the Chancery Division of the Royal Courts of Justice.

As I look around at the formality and quiet order of it all, I see lots of suited people carrying bundles of documents, a number wearing gowns with stiff wing collar, shirts with “bands” (linen strips) hanging down the front of the neck and, in one case, a wig, rather disappointingly being carried in the hand rather than being worn on the head.  This may be what we expect our barristers to be like, but it made me wonder what do people expect an accountant to look like, to dress like, to act like and does it really matter?

A while ago, I asked a room of about 30 business owners, if they had to say one thing that they would expect from their accountant, what would it be?

Some people gave more than one and here is a selection of the responses:

  • Practical advice
  • Someone I can trust
  • Timely
  • Someone I can talk to
  • Value for money
  • Clear fees
  • Someone that helps me pay less tax….legally!
  • Cheap!
  • Someone I can sleep with (the lady in question was married to her accountant)
  • A sense of humour

You may agree with some, you may disagree with others.  You may have some of your own, but what is important is that you are looked after by an accountant that has the qualities that matter to you.

As for an accountant a sense of humour, surely you ask too much!

Article written by Steve Hale