To avoid corporate jargon we need to ‘think outside the box’!

Having a sandwich in one of the excellent cafes near my office the other day I was reading The i newspaper and happened upon a short article on corporate jargon.

Trying for the last thirty years or so to avoid using “accountant speak” I read with interest the research by Glassdoor, the recruitment website, on the most irritating examples of corporate jargon.

Finding myself agreeing with how positively annoying some of them are, I realised to my concern that I may have been guilty of using one or two of them from time to time!

The list included:
  • Touch base.  To meet or talk about an issue
  • Blue-sky thinking.  Creative thinking
  • We are on a journey.  Highlighting the company, team or project has not yet reached its mission or objective
  • Game changer.  A product, idea or process that represents a significant shift
  • No-brainer.  Claiming that something is an  irrefutably good idea
  • Thought shower.  A meeting to share ideas without considering practical limitations
  • Run it up the flag pole.  To present an idea and see if it generates reactions
  • If you don’t like it get off the bus.  Implying that colleagues should leave a company if unhappy

Which one, according to  Glassdoor’s research, is the most annoying of the bunch? “Touch base”.

If you would like to discuss this article or perhaps an accounting or tax matter, please call me and we can tou…(oops) meet or talk about the issue!

Thank you to The i ( and Glassdoor Recruitment Consultants ( for allowing me to while away a few moments over lunch.