Do you need a business health check?

What is a business health check?

Whether your business is just starting out or well established. Businesses, like people, should have a regular health check. It is a vital tool to see if your business is running as smoothly and as tax efficiently as it can.

There are many elements to a business health check, including a review of your current structure, your existing remuneration package, your business operations and systems, as well as your future plans.

Detailed Review

With ever changing tax legislation, it is important to conduct a detailed review of your business to identify any tax planning opportunities that may have been missed, as well as to highlight any potential reporting requirements that might have been overlooked. At Perrys we want to ensure your business is structured as tax efficiently as possible and to keep it that way.

Business Planning

With regards to business planning, we can help you no matter where you are on your journey. Whether it be taking the next step from a start-up business or in assisting you in readying your business for sale. We work closely with a wide range of clients in a vast array of businesses, and we have a team of specialist advisors ready to help.

We can keep you up to date with forthcoming changes and advise on ways to mitigate future tax increases, so that you can retain as much of your post tax profits for further investment and growth.

How can Perrys help you?

Our business planning and health check services will help you to:

•   Understand your trading options

•   Project your income and expenditure

•   Work out your personal financial needs

•   Maximise tax efficiency

•   Make improvements to existing systems

•   Aid your understanding of financial results

•   Plan your exit strategy

If you would like to arrange a FREE business health check, please contact your local Perrys office.