Why property professionals can benefit from a local accountant

The property industry has always been an unpredictable sector, even without the political and economic uncertainties created over the last three years by Brexit. Both the commercial and residential property markets are notoriously volatile, which makes thorough and professional tax planning essential.

These complexities don’t currently appear to be affecting the UK housebuilding market. In 2018, 370,000 new homes received planning permission, the second highest annual total on record, and 222,000 homes were added to the country’s housing stock. Driving anywhere in South East England will take you past numerous major construction sites whose developers are all trying to address the government’s target of building 300,000 houses a year by the mid 2020s.

If you work in this industry, having an expert property accountant on board will ensure you are ahead of the game on all tax issues. Whether you’re an experienced property investor running a substantial business or purchasing your first buy-to-let property, you’re going to need specialist advice on current and future tax liabilities and compliance.

A reputable property tax accountant can provide all this, but just like buying land or property, it can be important to take location into consideration when looking for the right person to help plan your investment and move it forward.

A local accountant can have useful advantages over one who isn’t familiar with the area. A longstanding record of providing tax advice to local developers results in a network of contacts with knowledge of the area’s planning requirements and idiosyncrasies, which can be a valuable asset for your project.

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