How we’re making our business green

If you’ve popped into one of our branches lately, you may have noticed that we’ve been taking our eco-credentials very seriously. Our plan is to do all we can to ensure our working practices are as ecologically-sound as possible.

We’ve taken steps to reduce plastics in the office and we’re recycling all our Perrys pens. We’re trying to keep paper use to a minimum and use recycled or FSC-certified paper whenever possible. We were also very proud to debut our Perrys canvas bag, which clients can use over and over again.

What drives us to focus on our eco-credentials? Well, we’re passionate about caring for our planet and when we discovered how office life contributes to climate change, we were keen to do everything possible to make our working practices green.

Here are a few of the alarming statistics that persuaded us to act:​

  • More than 480 billion plastic bottles are sold worldwide every year. Fewer than half are recycled, with the rest ending up in landfill sites or in our oceans.
  • In the UK, we drink more than seven million takeaway coffees every day, equating to 2.5 billion discarded cups each year. Due to their composition, fewer than 1% are recyclable.
  • Each year, more than 30 million acres of forest are destroyed. Around 40% of commercially-cut timber is used to produce paper.
  • Each year in the UK, around 40 million worn tyres are removed from vehicles. Tyres aren’t biodegradable, but they are recyclable.

Here at Perrys, our staff have been diligently sourcing the latest environmentally-friendly products, from reusable coffee cups and water bottles, to sticky notes and coasters made from recyclable materials. We’re determined to do all we can to make caring for the environment central to the Perrys ethos.