Six reasons to consider becoming an accountant

Have you ever considered becoming an accountant? It’s a fascinating and rewarding profession which can lead to a multitude of exciting opportunities.

Accountancy is one of the world’s oldest professions – accounting records dating back more than 7,000 years have been found in Mesopotamia, and there is evidence of early auditing systems by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. But accountancy isn’t a backward-looking profession; on the contrary it’s a vibrant and challenging path to a stellar career.

Every business needs financial advice, so you’re never likely to lack employment, and the sky’s the limit in terms of promotion. Here are six reasons why accountancy could be a new path for you:

1. You can work in any industry

As an accountant, you can use your qualifications to work in whatever industry you want, in many countries all over the world. You can find accountancy jobs in the public or private sector and in large or small businesses, or you can set up your own business. You could specialise in forensic accounting, tax accounting, fiduciary accounting – or a niche like environmental accounting. There is immense flexibility for you to shape your career in whichever way you want.

2. You are at the forefront of business change and development

You can end up influencing business decisions, creating strategic business plans and really contributing to the overall success of a business. You’ll have plenty of responsibility and your advice and ability to see the big picture could make the difference between success and failure.

3. You’ll work with really interesting and intelligent people

Your work will bring you into contact with a wide variety of different people with a range of business ideas and interests. From sole traders to CEOs of major companies, you’ll gain insights and ideas which will challenge you and continually broaden your experience.

4. Your prospects will be excellent

Becoming an accountant is the first step towards a career with tremendous potential. In terms of career growth, your financial acumen means you’re unlikely ever to be out of a job. Accountants’ expertise is always in demand; during a business downturn or times of economic instability your skills are even more essential. A good accountant will have any number of interesting appointments to consider. In a recent survey which asked respondents how they decided on accountancy, 55% made the switch from another occupation because of the career prospects offered.

5. You’ll develop a wide range of transferable skills

It’s not all about numbers. Accountancy jobs will develop an extensive collection of transferable skills to further your career. These include communication, information processing, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, business acumen, problem-solving, attention to detail – the list really is endless. All these can also be channelled into volunteering and charitable opportunities where you can make a real impact.

6. You’ll achieve respect for your expertise

Accountants know what they’re doing. It’s a highly respected profession; if you’re trusted with finances you have to have integrity, intelligence and professionalism. Clients seek your guidance, act on your advice and have confidence that you can help them, sometimes at times of great stress.

Here at Perrys, we love our work and get enormous satisfaction from the difference we make every day to the business and personal success of our clients – many have become friends over the years. To us, becoming an accountant has meant a genuinely fulfilling and varied career.

If you’ve been wondering whether accountancy could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for, why not get in touch and have a chat with our team? We have trainee accountancy jobs every year and are always looking for the best in the business whether you’re just contemplating an accountancy career or already an established practitioner.