Christmas Music Advent Calendar

  1. In which year did Wham’s “Last Christmas” first enter the charts, reaching No2?
  1. This song was recorded by Arianna Grande in the 2010s, Kylie Minogue in the 1990s and Madonna in the 1980s but who sang the original in the 1950s?  Song title and artist please.
  1. Who knocked Eminem off the number one spot for the “millennium” Christmas single in December 2000? (Eminem couldn’t fix it but this guy could!)
  1. In 1957 Harry Belafonte had the Christmas number one with the song Mary’s Boy Child.  Who 21 years later topped the charts with the same song?
  1. Which comedy team reached number 4 in the charts in 1956 with the song “I’m walking backwards for Christmas”?
  1. Who had the Christmas 2016 number one song and what was it called?
  1. The Christmas hit, Fairytale of New York was credited to The Pogues but featured which female singer?
  1. In the original Band Aid song “Do they know it’s Christmas?”, which originally stormed the charts in 1984, who was the first singer on the record?
  1. In the original Christmas song how many “Lords were Leaping”?
  1. In Christmas 2001 Robbie Williams reached number one with the song “Something Stupid” which was recorded as a duet.  Who was the other singer?
  1. Which unlikely act kept pop superstar, Justin Bieber, off of the top Christmas spot in 2015?
  1. Which well- known high street retailer angered the public by changing the words to Wizard’s iconic Christmas tune “I wish it could be Christmas Everyday” for their summer advertising campaign?
  1. ‘Story won’t shame FN’ is an anagram of a well- known Christmas song.  What is it?
  1. In which film did the song “White Christmas”, sung by Bing Crosby, first appear?
  1. On the subject of Bing Crosby, with which pop megastar did he team up to perform the duet, “Peace on Earth- Little Drummer Boy” in 1982?
  1. C…R…O…A…O…F…  is the opening line of a well-known Christmas song, but what is the song title?
  1. In 1985, which choir boy took the song “Walking in the Air” from the animated film “The Snowman” to number 5 in the charts?
  1. Tom Chaplin has just released a solo Christmas album.  With which pop/rock band is he associated?
  1. Since 1952, when the official chart began there have been 7 Christmas number one’s whose title contains the word “Christmas” or “Xmas”?  Please name them.
  1. Which group had consecutive Christmas number ones in 1996, 1997 and 1998?
  1. Which other group had three consecutive Christmas number ones some years earlier.
  1. How many Christmas number ones have been achieved by X Factor contestants?
  1. In 2008, Alexandra Burke had the Christmas number one with Hallelujah.  Who wrote the song?  (Sorry Mrs Hurn I couldn’t resist this one!)
  1. Cliff Richard reached number one in December with  “Mistletoe and Wine”, “Saviour’s Day” and “The Millennium Prayer” in that order. But in which years?
Now, no googling otherwise Santa may not visit you!
If you would like the answers please email me and I will send them over.
In the meantime on behalf of all of us at Perrys I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and peaceful Christmastime.


Article written by Steve Hale