An Exceptional Encounter with Terry Waite

It was a true honour for us to welcome author and humanitarian Terry Waite to a unique event hosted by Perrys earlier this month.
Mr Waite, who survived almost five years as a hostage in the Middle East, gave a keynote speech to a gathering of business people that included our clients and their associates. 
The event was held in the impressive surroundings of the Cabinet War Rooms in Westminster, and was organised as part of our pledge to provide our clients with an accountancy service that’s ‘exceptional as standard.’
Mr Waite was captured in Lebanon in 1987, and he was finally released in late 1991. As an international envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, he had been in the Middle East negotiating the release of hostages when he was himself seized. 
During our event, Mr Waite spoke for an hour about his experiences. He explained how, although he was physically imprisoned, he trained his mind to be free by writing a book in his head.
He said: “In business, just as in personal life, there are always challenges to face, but when you hear about how powerful the human mind can be in the face of true adversity you understand perspective is everything. Managing thoughts so they remain focused and logical is key to success in any situation.”

It was humbling and inspiring to hear Mr Waite’s address, and to learn first-hand his insights into the workings of the human mind. Everyone at the event –  aptly titled ‘An Exceptional Encounter’ felt privileged to have been part of this very special gathering.
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