Launching our latest eco initiative

Perrys Chartered Accountants strive to be environmentally-friendly, but this year we are stepping up our green campaign.

One of our goals is to actively eliminate all unnecessary plastic, and with this in mind we’ve just taken delivery of a consignment of specially designed Perrys canvas bags. We’ll use these bags when returning records to clients, instead of the plastic bags we’ve handed out in the past. Here’s a pic of Bradley Lyne and Princess Dimairho modelling the new bags at our Tunbridge Wells office!

But our commitment doesn’t end there. Further initiatives include:

  • BIC’s Terracycle campaign. We’ve joined this recycling programme to ensure that all our old plastic pens are recycled while simultaneously raising money for charity. To date, the Terracycle campaign has recycled over 2.5 million writing instruments, and raised over £35,000 for charity. A win-win campaign which we’re delighted to support.
  • Recycling of old office furniture. Our mission is to divert as much office waste as possible from landfill. To help achieve this, we’re now sending all old office furniture from Perrys to an organisation that is able to recycle, repair or refurbish chairs and desks.
  • Reusing computers. As accountants, it’s important that we use the latest computing equipment. This means we regularly upgrade our hardware, but that’s not to say the old devices can’t be put to good use elsewhere. We shall continue to donate all old, data-wiped computers to Computers 4 Africa, a registered charity that aims to lift parts of Africa out of the poverty trap by equipping the next generation with the technology and support to work in a global environment. We’re pleased to report that we have a large consignment going to the charity very soon.
  • Calculated to care! Wherever possible we’re using office stationery and equipment made of recycled materials, right down to our desk calculators being made of recycled plastic.
  • Bottle tops for charity. We like a cuppa here at Perrys, but that means plenty of plastic milk bottle tops that need to be diverted from landfill. Our seven branches in Kent and London are now collecting all plastic bottle tops and forwarding them on for charity recycling initiatives.
  • Green branding. We’ve pledged to ensure that any Perrys promotional or branded items will be sourced from recycled materials, or will themselves be recyclable.

We’re pleased with the progress we’re making, but if we can do more, we will. We have asked staff to share any further green recommendations. And if any clients have success stories to pass on, we’d love to hear these too.

Perrys Chartered Accountants prides itself on being exceptional – an ethos that applies not just to our client services, but to every aspect of our business. Find out more about the Perrys Approach here