5 reasons why our clients stay loyal



Clients stay loyal to Perrys Accountants in Kent and London 

With exceptional service, knowledgeable advice and value at our core, here are 5 reasons why our clients remain loyal to Perrys:

1. We save our clients money – often huge sums! 
We pride ourselves on being proactive and capable of thinking outside the box – we do more than just tick boxes to comply with UK laws. Here are some real life examples of how we have provided invaluable advice to our clients:

  • One business was failing but by restructuring the group we managed to liquidate the failing company whilst keeping the main business operating.
  • Through aggressive tax planning we enabled the directors of one client to extract £1 million from their business over a number of years for a very low tax liability.
  • By forming a limited company and bringing his wife into the company as a shareholder, one client saved 30% tax on a large chunk of their profits.
  • Through the use of property capital allowances, one client saved at least £20,000 from their tax bill.

2. We offer competitive fixed-fee accountancy and tax planning services
Our fees are agreed before any client work commences – this ensures that there are never any unexpected bills when you work with us. We will agree fixed quotes for any additional work outside a client's present agreement, for total transparency. 

3. We are a network of knowledgeable experts
Our knowledge is robust and wide-ranging: our experts know everything there is to know about tax, accounts, VAT, corporate finance, audit compliance, forensic accounting, inheritance tax planning, buy-to-let, wills, probate and more.

With our structure of 7 branches of accountants in Kent and central London we don't need to look outside our circle of expertise to help clients with all their accountancy, tax planning and financial needs. Clients can tap into the experience and skill of our entire team whilst enjoying the convenience of having a local accountant.

4. We get to know your business, inside and out
It goes without saying that nobody knows your business as well as you do… except, perhaps, us! 
We will get to know your business history, your business DNA and, armed with this knowledge, help you to reduce your costs and maximise your income. 

We adapt the way we work to suit the preferences of each client. For example if you don't like email, we'll phone instead. If you prefer face-to-face meetings to speaking on the phone, we'll get together more regularly – we're flexible to your particular requirements.

5. We are not stereotypical accountants 
We're the antithesis of starchy and unapproachable accountants who supply their clients with dry terminology and jargon – we provide advice in a straightforward manner. 

As well as offering tax planning and financial advice we can also provide assistance with more complex areas such as building a model to tender for projects, structuring a redundancy package with a remit to reduce costs, and leading negotiations for tender work.

To arrange a free and informal meeting to discuss how Perrys Chartered Accountants in Kent and central London can help you or your business, please contact us.