Probate & Estate Accountant



Starting to talk about Probate can feel uncomfortable at first but it is unfortunately an essential consideration for most people and our job is to guide you through gently but efficiently.  Here at Perrys we understand that this is a sensitive subject, and we work on your behalf to ease the complexity of Probate and make the process as swift and simple for you as possible.  

Perrys Chartered Accountants, central London and Kent provide expert Probate advice, dealing with all aspects of the administration of an estate following someone's death. We have extensive experience of accounts, taxation and the administration of an estate following someone's death which gives us the expertise to tie up all Probate matters quickly, efficiently and as painlessly as possible. Not only will we make the process simple, swift and smooth but we can also advise on how is best to minimise the estate's liability to taxes.

Our 7 branch Perrys network prides itself on offering an exceptional fixed-fee service and you can rely on us to act with discretion and sympathy throughout the Probate process. Because we take the time to get to know our clients, we are frequently amongst the few who have a real appreciation of their financial and tax affairs, as well as their intentions. Our knowledgeable advice and assistance help to reassure and relieve the stress of dealing with Probate. 

Our Probate service includes:

  • Advice, support and assistance with estate administration and paperwork
  • Advice and support for the estate executor/administrator
  • Acting as executor and/or trustee for those clients wishing to retain a professional executor to assist the family/beneficiaries in dealing with Probate and estate administration
  • Advice on the use of Trusts for tax and succession planning

If you require assistance with Probate matters, please contact Perrys Chartered Accountants, central London and Kent on 01892 543900 to arrange a friendly and informal meeting.